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A Professional team that is highly trusted by our patients

Friendly and welcoming – Same day and flexible appointment system

David Leu

I qualified in 1996 and started practising in London until 1998. In 1998 I established Back to Back Chiropractic Clinic in Luton. I have a keen interest in neurology and treating professional athletes, this knowledge is valuable when treating the majority of my patients.

Joann McDermott-Pawley
Sports Therapist

Growing up being very sporty I came across many injuries to both teammates and myself and became very interested in rehabilitation and recovery. 

Leading me to follow a route in education by choosing a BTEC National Diploma in Sports and Exercise Science. This is where I was first introduced to Sports Massage, which highlighted the fact that I wanted to be hands on with my work.

After college I studied a Bachelor of Science degree in Sports Therapy, here in Luton at the University of Bedfordshire, and graduated in 2009.

I worked as a mobile therapist before being given the opportunity to practice here at Back to Back Clinic in 2015.

I have absolutely loved my time here and treating the variation of clients we see on a day-to-day basis.

Kelly Mitchell
Sports Therapist
Bsc (HONS)

I joined the team at Back to Back in 2008 as a Sports Therapist following my Bachelor of Science degree in Sports Therapy at the University of Luton.

Although our training centered around the diagnosis and treatment of sports injuries, most of our day to day work here at Back to Back is centered on the associated aches and pains of working life, we have a wonderful relationship with our patients’ where we can guide and support through injury to better mobility for all, not just the professional athlete.

My time here at Back to Back has taught me to appreciate how hard it is to move when you are in pain, and if we can help just one patient return to normal activity then I feel we have done our job. I enjoy watching people return to physical activity, work or sometimes even just sit down and get up unaided after seeing us and will continue to help as many patients as I can in my time here.

Ben Tam

Ben is a highly trained / skilled acupuncturist, with over 20 years of experiencein private practice across Harley Street, London and Luton.


Ben successfully treats clients with a wide range of conditions, including acute and chronic pain,psychological disorders, psycho-physiological disorders and menstrual problems. Ben takes a holistic approach in treating the symptoms and underlying causes of the patient’s condition.


Ben has also worked as part of a highly specialised team delivering Acupuncture alongside Psychology, Psychiatry, Functional Neurology, Art Therapy, Dramatherapy & Yoga to treat TBI, Psycho-Physiological Conditions, and Addiction.


By combining traditional acupuncture techniques with a modern approach, Ben aspires to get to the underlying cause of your condition and gently helps re-align the body and mind’s energies to restore balance, health and wellness.

Helene Attwood
Reception Manager

I joined Back to Back in April 2012. I enjoy walking, gardening & baking


I joined Back to Back in September 2020. I enjoy walking, reading and music.

Julie Adeleye

I joined Back to Back in December 2006. I enjoy travelling, music and theatre.

Sue Emerson

I joined Back to Back in January 2017. I enjoy walking, baking and crafts.